Guarantees and legal rights

The user will be covered by legal warranty for items purchased that prove to be defective. In such cases, the user can

1. Request a remedy (correction of the defect, or provision of an article free from defects, at its discretion, unless such correction or replacement is not possible or reasonably possible), No remedy may be required, terminate the contract or reduce the purchase price; And

3. Claim damages.

The item purchased is free from any major defect if, at the time of delivery, it presents the agreed quality. To the extent that no quality has been agreed, the purchased item is deemed to be free from major defects if: 


1. is suitable for use to which it is intended under the contract; and/or 

2. It is suitable for the normal use to which it is intended and its quality is that normally present in the articles of the same type, and the purchaser can expect such quality given the type of article. The term "quality" includes those characteristics that the purchaser can expect according to the declarations on the specific characteristics of the article purchased publicly made by the seller, the producer or his representative, by way Illustrative but not exhaustive, on the advertising material or identification, except where the seller was not aware of the statement and was not even obliged to be aware of it, or unless, at the time of the stipulation of the Contract, the quality has been modified but it is always the same level, or it was not relevant for the decision to buy the item.

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